Meeting International Edge

We are proud to bring our students at par with the international education through connecting classrooms.The children are being given exposure with the opportunity to study and do different activities with a partner school in Russia. This kind of activities will develop their understanding on the topic and  give them exposure and a feel that education is at par across various countries.

Presentation on Numismatics by Ms. Svetlana (Teacher Lyceum Russia)

Presentation on Numismatics (Click Here)

Chart Paper and Display Board Activity by the scholars of Lyceum, Russia


Presentation on Numismatics by the teachers of Mount Litera Zee School, Roorkee



Work on ISA Project Paper Gold by our prestigious school- LYCEUM, Russia

The Teacher Ms Svetlana explaining the history, evolution and origin of currency through a slide show.


Conduction of Quiz to judge the understanding of the presentation and to assess the interest of the students.


2 thoughts on “Meeting International Edge

  1. pranjal goswami

    Hello friends
    I am very proud that I am a student of Mount Litera Zee school Roorkee… teachers are very cooperative and always make sure that we inculcate good habits and moral values. I learnt a lot from my teachers and they make sure that we always go on right track. we do a number of projects and assignments like the previous one we did was based on numismatics. we learnt about different currencies of different countries like of Australia, Europe, America and many more. we saw that how they look. I searched a lot on internet and different books for my project because of which I learnt many a new things, read many articles and much more. I just want to say that I am proud that I am a student of zee school. my school provides me best facilities and try to make us understand the concepts more clearly through projects and their determination in the mind to make us an asset for our country.
    4 A
    Mount Litera Zee School Roorkee.


  2. soumit senapati

    I am Soumit Senapati.I live in Roorkee,India.We use rupees as a currency like 5 10 50 100 500 1000 and coins like1 2 5 10 etc.we have also done the activity of paper gold.I learnt the currency of different country. please share your country”s currency in details.



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